Travel Tips

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Flight Tickets

  • For the cheapest rates, purchase your plane tickets early.
  • We recommend you arrive at least two days prior to the start of the race to allow for any unexpected problems or delays.
  • The baggage weight limit and fees for oversize and overweight baggage vary by airline. Bring only the essentials.
  • You will need to fly into the Temuco airport in Chile (ZCO). All international flights touch down in Santiago, where you are required to clear customs. From there, take one of the many daily LAN or Sky Airline flights to Temuco.l.


  • You must hold a valid passport to enter Chile. You will also need to complete a Tourist Card form, which is valid for 90 days. Be careful not to lose the form, because you will need it when you leave the country.

Customs Formalities

  • To avoid fines, you must declare all plant or animal products you bring into Chile.
  • Medical examinations and vaccinations are not currently required for entry.
  • Declare your bicycle upon arrival to avoid any problems when returning home.


Although Chile is a safe country, we recommend you don’t leave your personal items unattended. It’s always best to take precautions against theft.

Currency Exchange

Chile’s official currency is the peso. Our exchange rate fluctuates daily according to market conditions. However, in recent years the conversion has remained stable at approximately US $1 = 650 Chilean pesos.
– Dollars or euros are not usually accepted at local markets; we recommend having Chilean pesos on hand.
– Credit cards are widely accepted in cities, but the small towns around the Transandes Challenge don’t usually take cards.
– Make sure and exchange your money in Santiagos’sairport, because you will not have access to currency exchanges in Temuco.
– Only exchange your money at official currency exchange counters. You will be able to withdraw money at ATMs.


Although January is midsummer and temperatures are usually pleasant, we may experience the occasional cold day. Our climate is unpredictable, and sunny and warm days can quickly be followed by rain and cold temperatures. Nights can also get cold, so come prepared for all conditions.