Tips to get you ready for the 2020 Transandes Challenge!

Tips to get you ready for the 2020 Transandes Challenge!2019-08-27T13:46:27+00:00

Ride in a mountainbike stage race such as the Transandes Challenge requires a not minor preparation… there are many aspects that must be considered before participating in a competition of this type.

To make life a little easier, we have prepared a series of tips to prepare you in the best way !!!

Training Tips Today ! Last 4 months for the Start…!!!

Train with professional advice

For many of you, the Transandes Challenge is your first Mountainbike stage race, and with that in mind, you must prepare yourself adequately to withstand the rigor of 5 days of competition. It is very likely that work, family, or other reasons prevent you from devoting the time you really want to train for this test, so take advantage of that available time in the best way.

Contact an experienced trainer, with proven studies and results, he will give you the best plan according to your available time. In most cases, the trainer will do an evaluation with which he will know what your conditions, your weaknesses and strengths, and based on that, will plan your training according to your time availability and objectives.
Many times, not to say that in all cases, a short but focused training, following an appropriate and professional-controlled plan, will be much more effective than spending long hours training without any counseling.
An overall training plan, that prioritize the aerobic condition, but do not leave aside other aspects such as the technical skills, the psychological aspect and of course, your strength, will condition your body to be able to overcome long distances on consecutive days. It is very difficult to simulate the conditions of a stage competition, but there are certain aspects that can be worked. Look for a route that simulates the most extreme conditions you expect to have in Transandes Challenge, ride that route and so you will know how your body will react and how you will feel the next day. Repeat this ride 2 or 3 times, and you will see that the experience will make you feel better in it every time.
Train climbs, over and over again, that is Mountainbike! And the Transandes Challenge has quite a few…

Look for groups of friends or groups of trainings to ride, many of them will share experiences that may be useful, you can also measure your progress, and going out in groups will also motivate you more!

Besides the physical aspect, you also have to prepare yourself mentally. Always keep a positive attitude, if you have a problem, or your performance is not what you expected, do not letdown, enjoy every moment and give the best you have. This competition has 5 stages and it is very likely that in the following stages you will have a better performance. In addition, think that over 5 days, it is very difficult that nothing happens, and as you can have unexpected troubles, the other competitors can have it as well.