Day 1

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Corralco – Corralco

January 14



The first stage of the Transandes will be a short stage, but that does not mean that it will be an easy one. As we have told you … There are no easy stages in the Transandes Challenge.

With 44.7 km long and 1,670 meters of total climb, the elevation changes will be the tonic of this impressive first Stage.

Just like the first 4 stages, it will start from the Corralco Ski Center on the way down to Malalcahuello. At kilometer 4 we will turn left, where the Cuesta Las Raices begins.

This section is a compacted gravel road, fast, will be 6.5 km of climb and then, at the summit of the climb, begins the singletracks. Fast and technical trails which on the way down will take you to the Quebrada Onda sector at kilometer 24. After that, you will face another climb until km 27, and from there we will be a mixing climbing singletracks and 4×4 path and ascent paths until reaching kilometer 32. The technical descent begins by fast paths, but some of them are not so much… there are some low speed and more technical sections. Reaching kilometer 36 begins the return to Corralco from the road junction that joins the access to the mountain center with Cuesta Las Raices. Everything ends with the final asphalt climb from kilometer 40 to kilometer 44.7 where you will find the finish line.

A different stage, technical, fast, slow, a bunch of everything…, into a “scenery” of another planet, we predict a very tight finish among the leaders

Transandeschallenge 2020.

6:30 – 7:20 am First breakfast shift
7:30 – 8:30 am Second breakfast shift
9:30 Stage 1 start
14:00 Lunch
18:30 Stage award ceremony and technical meeting
19:00 – 20:00 pm First Dinner shift
20:10 – 21:30 pm Second Dinner shift