The Transandes Challenge has a world-renowned catering system. Our space stands out for providing athletes with a balanced diet in a buffet-style setup, where you will find a wide variety of foods, nutrients, carbohydrates and proteins. Help yourself to whatever you like — we have your meals covered during your race!

Breakfast of champions…

We are well advised to ensure that your food contains everything you need to best take on the challenge that awaits.

Replenish your strength

Pasta and meat are important parts of our daily menu, but we also have a large selection of desserts, juice and fruit to help you regain your energy after each stage.

Ending the day

Camaraderie, race tips and a decadent dinner before turning in for the night…

Every night, we meet in the dining tent to have an awards ceremony, share information about the conditions and courses for the next day and show our daily race video while laughing together at the bloopers. It’s our space for distraction and camaraderie; it’s a gathering place at the campsite where the catering team not only serves up meals, but where you’ll find friendly smiles in a unique atmosphere that makes you feel right at home!